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1. Transportation


Near  “ Yuanshan Station”  or “ Zhongshan Elementary School Station ”


Lin An Tai Historical House Stop:M9
Xinsheng Park Stop:685 , M9 , R50
Xinsheng Park Stop(Lin An Tai):72 / 222 / 298 / 643 / 676 / M9 / Songjiang Xinsheng Metro Bus

2. Notice

Open hours:9:00-17:00 (no entry after 16:45) / JUL&AUG:9:00-18:00 (no entry after 17:45)
Closed days:Monday and folk holidays (Chinese New Year, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival)
Applications Required: 
1. Seven days in advance for groups of more than 20 persons with dedicated person guiding
2. Photographing, video recording and related activities shall be allowed by the administrative office. ‧Notes for Tourists: 1. No destroying buildings and touching cultural objects. 2. No plucking plants in the courtyard.
3. No smoking in all zones, and no drinking or eating in the historical house.
4. No vehicles.(baby carriage and vehicle of physical disabilities are excluded)
5. Please follow the guiding from staffs.
6. No playing with water in all ponds.

3. Traffic