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1. Licensing Methods and Scope

To promote applications of online government information, all data and materials
on the Department of Civil Affairs (hereinafter referred to as DCA) website
shall be accessible by the public without compensation, non-exclusively, and
shall be sublicensed to other parties. Users shall be able to reproduce, adapt,
edit, publicly transmit, or utilize the data in other ways. Users shall also
be given an irrevocable license to develop products or services based on the
data (referred to as derivative works) without any restrictions with regard
to time or territory. In addition, users shall not be required to obtain the
license in written or other forms from the DCA but will, however, be required
to clearly accredit the relevant source.

2. Relevant Matters

(1) The scope of the license shall only extend to areas stipulated by the Copyright
Act, but not extend to other intellectual property rights, including but not
limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and the logo of the DCA.

(2) Whether the personal information made public by the parties or by law shall be collected, processed, or used shall be governed pursuant to Personal Information Protection Act. Users shall take protective measures stipulated by Personal Information Act for accessing the personal information.

(3) Certain video or audio recordings, images, music scores, articles etc.,
shall only be published on the DCA website but not used for other purposes according
to specific agreements. Therefore, data or materials specifically designated
by the DCA shall be accessed only after consent is obtained and fall beyond
the scope of the license.

(4) Data or materials obtained from the DCA website shall not be maliciously
changed or altered. Users shall be subject to civil or criminal liability should
the information edited or adapted is inconsistent with the original purpose
or content.

3. The license granted does not imply that theDCA recommends, approves, or
agrees with users developing derivative works based on data from the DCA website.