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The Beauty of Historical House

1.Crescent Pond

The pond is named after its shape and which is the best shape for bringing wealth in term of Chinese Feng Shui study. It defends,fights fire,supplies water,cools down as well as adds to the splendor of the old house's surroundings.
Crescent Pond


2.Front Yard 3.An Tai Hall 4.Swallow Tail Ridge

The front yard is paved with red stones which were placed at the bottom of vessel to avoid shaking in business sail. They have advantages of being moss-free and preventing from slipping. Besides, the pillow-shaped stones, gate pillars and hollows for door axles are all carved and made by one-piece stone. Each door is equipped with a hidden lock. The couplet carved on the pillars made of Chingtou stones goes "To live with a kind heart and maintain the achievements of ancestors". Chinese characters signifying good fortune and longevity are printed on the two sides. As to the structure of roofs and ridges, it is adopted a single-ridge method to show a natural style.
2..Front Yard 3.An Tai Hall 4.Swallow Tail Ridge


5.The Three-Doors with a Hollow

This is made by three-doors with a hollow. At both sides of the doors, a couplet with patterns of birthday peaches is hanged. To the upper left on the wall, it is carved with vases, fruits and alchemist ovens, while the upper right carved with official seals, Taoist flags and helmets, representing being good at martial art and literature. Under the eave, flying phoenix and beam support, hanging bucket with flowers, ancient harp and Ling Dragon are signifying auspicious.
The Three-Doors with a Hollow


6.Wooden Brackets

They are important parts of Chinese buildings used in resisting earthquakes. Most of the woods and stones are used in the house are China firs and Guanyin stones. All structures are linked to each other by tenons.
Wooden Brackets


7.Main Hall

A place for worshiping ancestors and carvings on shrine are the best of all. Above the hall, a horizontal inscribed board is hanged, carved with "Outstanding descendants inherit the honors of forefathers".
Besides, the characters of "An" and "Tai" are smartly used as beginnings in the couplet.
Main Hall


8.Hallway and Decorative Carvings

The side buildings in internal yard are engraved with auspicious figures including "Currency of Daoguang". It proves that the house was constructed in Daoguang period.
Hallway and Decorative Carvings
Hallway and Decorative Carvings-2