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Lin An Tai Historical House & Museum


Touring Guide

●Blue Circle:
1.Crescent Pond, 2.Front Yard, 3.An Tai Hall 4.Swallow Tail Ridge 5.The Three-Doors with a Hollow. 6.Wooden Brackets, 7.Main Hall, 8.Hallway and Decorative Carvings

●Red Circle:
1.Partition Walls, 2.Lau-Gu Stone Garden, 3.Aipo Pavilion, 4.Trail of Step Stones, 5.Stone Landscape, 6.Yu Dai Bridge, 7.Artifi cial Hills with Waterfall, 8.Yao Yueh Pavilion, 9.Yu Chain Lou (Pavilion), 10.Sueh Yueh Hall, 11.Ying Yueh Pond, 12.Tea Lover's House, 13.Gu Zhu Ming Shan (Artificial Clay Modeling Hill)

Touring Guide